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At Martin & Martin, we believe that you should protect what matters to you most.  If you pass on without a will, your assets will be distributed after your death based on state statute.  Often, this is inconsistent with how you would want your assets distributed.  By proactively writing your will and planning your estate, you can specify exactly how you want your assets distributed, while also minimizing costs and taxes to your heirs. You can determine not only who inherits your property, but also how much they receive, and the timing of their receipt.  You can also choose your own Executor; your chosen trusted person that will handle the disposition of your Estate.  Estate planning is a final gift to your family.

Wills are especially important if you have minor children.  In your will you can select a Guardian for your children and make arrangements for their care.

We can assist you with the preparation of a healthcare proxy and a living will.  A healthcare proxy allows you to appoint a person of your choosing to make healthcare decisions if you are unable to make them for yourself, while a living will allows you to express your wishes regarding end of life care.

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